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Powerful Product Management

An in-depth perspective of your total Merch print on demand inventory at your fingertips.
Image of the Merch Database Product Management tool, with easy features for editing and optimization of your product listings.

A Revolutionary Way to Analyze & Manage your Merch product listings

Easily search, organize and manage your Merch print on demand inventory to help you keep your account structured for the optimized growth of your Merch business.

Product Management Features

Simple Account Organization

Stay on top of your product listings by type, status, published date, days to expiration, price, niche and much more.

Easy Editing

See and filter product bullet points and descriptions for easy editing and simplified re-listing, all within Merch’s specific Terms of Service.

Find & Replace

Identify any word within any listing within your product database – perfect for finding and resolving any newly trademarked word, phrase or description within a listing.

Edit Similar Listings

Select and edit multiple listings – perfect for users looking to add or remove specific phrases to like-grouped products listings.

Product Summaries

Learn about the makeup of your product database and sales data on a product by product basis.

Keyword Recording

View a record of your listing keywords, titles, descriptions, and bullet points to simplify the re-listing process for expired products within your Merch database.

Niche Categorization

Creation & Organization of niche categories to help group and track your products

Listing Accessibility

View, edit, or analyze any product listing with quick access buttons for simple listing analysis, research and editing.

Changing the way you look at your Merch print on demand products!

As your Merch account grows, how will you manage the products in your account? With Merch Database, staying on top of your dynamic product listings is a simple, intuitive and powerful process. Explore and refine your unique product listings with ease, all with powerful analytical insights to help you make the most of your Merch print on demand account!
Image featuring the ability to do the find and replace functions with the Merch Database tool.

Simple Find and Replace Functionality

Searching through hundreds of product listings to find one specific keyword or phrase can be absolutely mind-numbing. With Merch Database, easily find and replace any combination of keywords within existing listings to make changes to your products a breeze. A perfect setup for finding a newly trademarked phrase, or to remove language no longer permitted according to new updates to the MBA’s terms of service.

Organize and Grow

Easily sort and organize your product data the following ways for maximum analysis of your data:

  • ASIN
  • Product Status
  • Days Published
  • Days to Expiration
  • Product Type
  • Price
  • Niche
  • Keyword
  • Title
  • Description
  • Bullets
  • Brand
Image of a scareenshot of the Merch Database product management tool interface.

Ready for Control of your Merch Account?

Revolutionize the way you analyze your Merch print on demand data with Merch Database

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