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What is Merch Database?

Merch Database is a comprehensive Product Management and Analytics Chrome Extension built for Merch print on demand users!

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Merch Database offers three primary tools to help Merch sellers benefit from the data unique to their account inventory and sales.

First, an Extended Dashboard (see above) provides valuable snapshots of data to help account owners quickly track sales, uploads and product data. Some of our unique dashboard features include:

Quick view of sales for all products over timeframes that include weekly, monthly, annual, and all-time statuses

Quick view of best-selling product types

• Products uploaded over different time ranges to help track upload progress by VA’s and to help users stay motivated to maximize upload opportunities

• Easy to read stats and charts to help guide your progress at a glance in your Merch Adventure!


Next, a detailed Manage Products interface gives users an in-depth perspective of your total Merch print on demand inventory. Some of our powerful manage products features include:

• Organization and breakdown of products by type, status, published date, days to expiration, price and much more.

• See and filter product bullet points and descriptions for easy editing

• Find and replace functionality to identify any word within any listing within your product database – perfect for finding and resolving any newly trademarked word, phrase or description within a listing.

• Select and edit multiple listings – perfect for users looking to add or remove specific phrases to like-grouped listings

• Ability to view a record of keywords to simplify the relisting process

• Creation & Organization of niche categories to help group and track your products


Finally, our Analytical Reports section provides users with powerful, detailed analytics, enabling account holders to dive deep into what is working within an account to help optimize and grow the results in Merch. Some of our exciting Reports features include:

• Selectable reports that will breakdown unique sales data in easy to understand graphs, including targeted information related to product color, gender, and niche.

• All reports exportable to Excel

• Never worry about knowing which products you have live or when you last changed a bullet point.

• Best of all, with a subscription, users can sign up to have reports emailed on a regular basis, providing the ability to see the growth of an account over time!

How do I setup Merch Database?

It’s simple! Just purchase your license key (Free for low tier accounts and 30 days risk-free for larger accounts) and download our Chrome extension.

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From there, enable our extension in your Chrome browser and login to Merch as you normally would. Look for the “Merch Database” button on your primary MBA dashboard. Click there and get started on your merch journey!


I'm ready to cancel my subscription, how do I do that?

Canceling your Merch Database subscription is simple and easy. We never require lengthy contracts or penalties for cancellations. 

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Simply navigate to Gumroad and login to your account with the variables you used to register for your Merch Database Subscription.

Navigate to your “Library” and Click on Merch Database.

On the pop-up, look for the “Cancel my Subscription” button. Click to confirm the cancellation of your account.

That’s it! We wish you the best on your Merch journey!

How can I delete my account data?

We’ve made it simple to easily purge all of your sensitive MBA account data at any time.

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Merch Database is committed to the absolute security and anonymity of our user’s data. We have included a “Delete Data” option in our software that allows you or your VA’s to purge all your unique account data on a session by session basis.

Analyze, optimize and grow your account with the peace of mind that your unique designs and hard work in Merch are completely secure and protected by 256-bit encryption.


I tried your product but decided that I want a refund. How can I get that?

We’re sorry to see you go, but we’re more than happy to provide a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee for any tier-level account.

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From there, simply enable the Merch Database Chrome Extension within your Chrome browser, login to Merch at the normal login and look for the “Merch Database” option on your MBA dashboard.

Having trouble? No problem! Contact us or submit a support ticket and a member of our team will be in touch with you promptly.

If I leave the program open it doesn't reload correctly...can you help?

Absolutely! If you leave Merch Database open in your Chrome browser window and walk away from it from a long period of time, Chrome may time-out and affect the reloading process. Simply close the Chrome tab or window containg Merch Database, and reopen the application in a new Chrome tab or window.

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Once you reload the application you should be directed back to the Merch Database Dashboard.

Still having problems? Submit a support ticket and a member of our team will be back in touch with you promptly.

Is your application secure?

Absolutely! As Merch users as well, we highly value the security and privacy of our user’s data. Our application is protected by 256-bit Encryption to ensure the safety of your valuable Merch data.

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We also encrypt all reporting capabilities to ensure that analytics and statistical data related to your sales and inventory is only accessible by you.


My License Key Expired...Now What?

No problem! Simply navigate back to our Chrome store page and repurchase an active subscription!

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If you’re new, click here to get started risk-free with Merch Database today!

If you’ve tiered up and need a new license key for your new tier, simply navigate to our Gumroad subscription page and subscribe to your new service level. Then, drop us a line at support@merchdatabase.com and a member of our team will cancel your low tier subscription so that you can get back to work with our application.

How do I run your application?

Merch Database is exclusively a Google Chrome Extension. To get started, simply download our Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome store, then navigate to our Gumroad Subscription to get your license key!

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From there, simply enable the Merch Database Chrome Extension within your Chrome browser, login to Merch at the normal login and look for the “Merch Database” option on your official Merch dashboard.

Having trouble? No problem! Contact us or submit a support ticket and a member of our team will be in touch with you promptly.

How can I re-sync my Account Data?

Merch automatically logs you out of your account after a period of inactivity. We made it easy to keep going!

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The Merch Database system will automatically prompt you to log back into your account after your inactive period. Best of all, at any time you can auto-sync your data using one of our easy buttons at the top of each Merch Database page.

However, if your Chrome browser experiences a time-out, and you cannot get the Merch Database application to instantly reload, simply close your Chrome browser window and re-open Merch Database in a new window!

I downloaded your extension and purchased a license key but can't find where to open it?

It’s possible that you simply forgot to enable the Merch Database Chrome Extension within your Chrome Browser.

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Navigate to your Chrome Extension within your Chrome Browser and ensure that you have enabled the Merch Database extension.

Once the extension is running in Chrome, simply login to Merch like you normally would, or click on the Merch Database logo in the top right of your Chrome Browser to get rolling with your Merch Database adventure.


Your extension says that my license key is invalid. How can I get my license key again?

If this is your first time logging in, you’ll have to enter the license key that you were provided by Gumroad to power Merch Database.

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To see your license key again, either refer to the email that was sent to you after registering for your Merch Database subscription, or login to your Gumroad account, go to your library, click on Merch Database, and look for your unique License key which can be copied and pasted into the prompt on Merch Database.

If you are seeing a notification and you have recently tiered up, you may need to purchase a higher level tier license. If so, simply navigate to our Gumroad subscription page and purchase your new license to keep your subscription active.

If you downloaded our Chrome Extension, but did not get a license key, simply click here to purchase your license and get started with Merch Database.

Looking for more help?

Open a support ticket today or contact a Merch Database representative today!

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