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About Merch Database

Screenshot of the Merch Database dashboard, complete with product sales and royalty snapshots, for Merch users.

Our approach to data puts the power of Merch print on demand in the palm of your hand…

Merch Database started as a hobby to help organize and better understand the sales data in a Merch account. A passion for coding and database development turned what was a simple dashboard for product overviews into a fully featured toolset that revolutionizes the management of a Merch print on demand account.

The Merch Database software was created by a team of FBA and Merch early adopters who are passionate about the powerful tools that are provided for individuals looking to immerse themselves in the world of online commerce.

Today, Merch Database helps users better analyze and uncover trends within their unique Merch account data to provide valuable insights for the overall growth of an account.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Try our powerful Merch POD management tool now, absolutely risk-free for up to 30 days!

Powerful MBA Merch Print on Demand analytics for merch users.

Our Values

We’ve endeavored to create a user-friendly application to help members of the Merch community unlock the potential in their accounts through critical insights into unique data analytics. We stay true to these values:

Exceptional Customer Service

At Merch Database, our subscribers are our primary focus. We want our tool to help you expand your Merch adventure. Merch is one of the most exciting opportunities currently available in the world and with better analytical insights, any account can grow, establish, and maintain a true business with Merch POD from anywhere in the world. We are committed to refining our tool with the help of our user’s feedback to help each and every account unlock its Merch potential!

Privacy & Security

Your private account details are encrypted with 256-bit protection to ensure that your sensitive Merch account data is kept strictly confidential. As a commitment to your account privacy, every session has the option to purge your data so that it can only be used by you or members of your virtual team.

Data Accuracy & Integrity

The analytics you use to learn about your Merch account are only as good as the accuracy and integrity of your data provider. At Merch Database, we make a commitment to provide our users with the most powerful insights into the unique aspects of your account to maximize your Merch potential.

Sales & Royalty Analysis

Expanded Time/Sales Data

Product Management

Listing Search & Replace


Listing Niche Control


Detailed Reporting

Emailed Analytics

Powerful VA Management

An image of the Merch Database analytical reports dashboard showing some of the analytical capabilities of the Merch Database product.

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