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Try a powerful new tool absolutely risk-free that provides Merch Users with a wealth of dynamic tools and analytics at their fingertips to help better operate a Merch print on demand business.

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We love the Merch community and are committed to providing this powerful tool for FREE to low tier Merch users. We also are happy to offer a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee for accounts tier 500 and above!

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With Merch Database, the power is in your hands to organize, manage, and grow
your Merch print on demand business.

Learn about the primary sections of our powerful Merch Management & Optimization toolset:

Extended Dashboard

Our extended merch dashboard provides valuable snapshots of your unique Merch print on demand product data to help account owners quickly track sales, uploads and product data. Perfect for a quick-view of your account’s progress, or to keep an eye on the activity of your VA’s in a simple overview!

Comprehensive Product Management

Our detailed product management interface gives users an in-depth perspective of your total Merch print on demand inventory. Find and replace specific content in your listings, edit multiple listings, record listing content for easy re-posting, and much more!

Powerful Reports

Our Reports section provides users with powerful, detailed analytics, enabling account holders to dive deep into what is working within an account to help optimize and grow the results in Merch print on demand.

Want powerful Merch print on demand account management?


Quick Find & Replace

Find and replace any word within any of your database of products for easy trademark and TOS switches!

Expanded Sales Breakdowns

Quickview your sales by product type for weekly, monthly, annual and all-time statuses.

Simple Organization

Organization and breakdown of products by type, status, published date, days to expiration, price, genre, and much more!

Multiple Listing Edits

Select and edit multiple listings – perfect for users looking to add or remove specific phrases to listings that fall into certain criteria within your account.

Convenient Monitoring

Working with VA’s? Track upload progression, including amount listed per day, product type listed, and more.

Simplified re-listing

Ability to view a record of keywords to assist with manual re-listing within your account.

Category Organization

Have multiple listings in one niche? Sort your listings by category for easier management of your similar account listings.

Email Reports

Sign-up for detailed email reports for sales and inventory, to document and track account progress without logging into Merch!

We’ll Show You How You Can Optimize your Merch Account using your Unique Data

We’re thrilled to offer detailed documentation, video walk-throughs, and personalized customer support to help you better understand our powerful Merch analytics tools.

Image featuring a computer and an idea, similar to the creativity necessary to run a Merch print on demand account. Harness your Merch adventure with Merch Database.

We make it easier to analyze & optimize your Merch account!

Merch print on demand is one of the best opportunities online today! But, are you using the data in your sales to help organize and optimize your account for maximum growth? With Merch Database, our powerful tools for product management and account analytics can assist any size account with valuable insights to help maximize your Merch potential!

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The sky’s the limit with Merch Database


  • Sales Data
  • Royalty Data
  • Product Data
  • Upload Progress


  • Niche Categorization
  • Easy Product Analysis
  • Bullet & Description Management
  • Merch Compliant Simple Listing Editing

Analyze & Optimize

  • Explore Sales Reports
  • Discover Important Data Trends
  • Tweak & Optimize your Listings
  • Effectively manage your product catalog as you grow!
Image of a computer screen with the Merch Database product dashboard featured on the screen.

Success Stories

I have found the answer to keeping track of my data for Merch! Merch Database is exactly what it says – a database driven solution to the problem of how to track what you are doing in MBA. As a database person, I appreciate the reporting and analytics, but for me the biggest piece of the puzzle was the Manage Products tab. From here I am able to quickly see what colors I have a design in, can search for a word within any of my bullet points or title, and can easily sort my listings to find them. Now that I have moved to tier 2000 – this ability is invaluable. I would be lost without Merch Database! Bill Babirad

Merch User

Wow – Where has this been my whole life! Seriously, I had been tracking my designs and keywords on an Excel spreadsheet – trying to make sure I updated it regularly, and was able to keep up when I was tier 25 and 100…but now that I am tier 500, I was getting totally lost. Then I found Merch Database. With only a few steps, I suddenly had analytics at my fingertips. I very quickly was able to pull a report to show what shirts have sold in what colors – to allow me to focus my efforts in the right direction. I pulled my niche report to see where I needed to go deeper and in the first week was able to increase my sales. I recommend this tool unequivocally!

Kelly Earley

Merch User

I just tiered up to the 1000 level and I was having trouble putting up my designs when they were removed because of no sales. I struggled until I found this program to help me. Now when a design expires and I want to re-list it I just go to the database and pull up that design by searching a key word for that listing. Bam! comes right up and I re-list within a couple of minutes. I am finding new things that the program will do every day that I use it. Sweet! Howard Fine

Merch User

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