Your Account Control Panel

An Expanded Dashboard

A dynamic presentation of your Merch data for simple, user-friendly exploration of your unique Merch print on demand progress.
Image of a laptop with the Merch Database dashboard for easy Merch print on demand exploration!

A Powerful Snapshot of your Merch Progress!

Valuable snapshots of data to help account owners quickly track sales, uploads and product data.

Dashboard Features

Sales & Royalty Snapshots

Keep track of your progress with easy to check sales and royalty snapshots at quick glance!

Top Products Sold

Dig through your top products sold today or this month to get a better feel for your what’s performing in your account!

Recent Products Uploaded

Trying to keep up with your Upload Progress? Take a quick view of products uploaded in either the last 7 or 30 day increments.

Recent Products Updated

Need a reminder of what you’ve changed in your account? Keep track of products that you’ve made changes to in the past 7 or 30 day period.

Compete Against Yourself!

Keep your account growing by comparing your current month sales and royalties month over month for a great friendly competition!

Easily Track Critical Account Data

Track and analyze total products live, number of uploads each day and much more…

Simple VA Oversight

Stay on top of your Virtual Assistants with our powerful suite of analytics to stay on top of what’s happening in your Merch account daily!

Track & Grow your Merch Progress

Easy to read stats and charts to help guide your progress at a glance in your Merch Adventure!

Turn your design hobby into a full-time Merch Business!

Merch print on demand provides designers and entrepreneurs with a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a powerful digital business from the comfort of your home office. With Merch Database, take your Merch account to the next level with complex analytics to help you pinpoint opportunities, plan and grow your Merch Print on Demand Business.
Digital image of a business person using computers and data to make decisions in the same way Merch Database assists users with advanced Merch print on demand analytics.

We make it easier for you to keep up with your Merch Business

Whether you’re a Merch newbie or an Orca Whale with tens of thousands of products live, you need some way to stay on top of your unique Merch print on demand account. Merch Database puts the power of Merch in the palm of your hand.

Our Dashboard by the Numbers


  • Today’s Sales & Royalties
  • This month’s Sales & Royalties
  • Last month’s Sales & Royalties
  • Total Sales & Royalties

Charts & Graphs

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sales Overviews
  • 7 Day & 30 Day Products Uploaded

Top Performers

  • Top Products Sold This Week
  • Top Products Sold this Month
Image of a close-up of a laptop screen with the Merch Database Dynamic Dashboard featured with robust charting and sales valuations.

Want more control of your Merch Progress?

Get started with Merch’s easiest tool for staying on top of your print on demand adventure!

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