As your merch account grows…

How will you manage it?

With Merch Database, keeping track of your growing Merch account is a breeze! Explore our product to learn how Merch Database can help you with powerful analytics on your Merch print on demand adventure!

3 Unique Tools. 1 Powerful Analytical Toolset.

Merch Database is a revolutionary tool built to explore, organize, optimize and grow a Merch print-on-demand account. Explore the core features of our powerful analytics solutions for Merch Users.

Expanded Dashboard

Learn about the critical progress in your Merch account with a quick and intuitive overview of your account’s sales, royalty, and product data. Perfect for individual users and their virtual assistants alike!

Product Management

Looking for a powerful, efficient way to manage your Merch print on demand product catalog? Use Merch Database’s robust product management analytics to easily track, group and edit your product listings with ease.

In-Depth Reporting

Looking for valuable analytical insights into your data, trends, best-performing sectors of your account, and much more? With Merch Database, open the door to powerful analytics to help plan and grow your Merch print on demand account!

Why Merch Database?

Powerful Account Control

Take control of all aspects of your Merch Account. From an expanded overview of your daily, weekly, monthly and overall sales and royalty figures to powerful insights into days since last sales on designs in specific niches, it’s all there for your benefit!

Deep Product Insights

Filter and analyze your listings for easier re-listing. Sort your products by keyword. Identify trends in your sales data vs listing similarities.

User-friendly, Secure Analytics

Put the power of Merch Database behind you to help expose the hidden gems in your Merch account. Test our user-friendly platform today Risk-FREE!

Perks & Benefits


Sales Snapshots

Quick of sales and royalty data for multiple timeframes, including daily, weekly, monthly and all-time!

Best Sellers

Quickly explore best-selling products and product types

Simple Find & Replace

Need to quickly change any wording within any of your listings? Use our simple find and replace functionality to make changes to your listings in seconds.

Uploaded Product Control

Keep track of products uploaded over time. Perfect for users that work with Virtual Assistants for help in a Merch account.

Multiple Listing Editing

Have similar listings that need to be changed? No problem, simply select the listings in question and make your changes directly within Merch.

Niche Categorization

Want to organize by niche category? Assign a category to similar listings and keep track of your account organization with a snap.

Detailed Reporting

Enjoy a variety of reports designed to help you better analyze and take action on key insights within your unique Merch data.

Email Report Alerts

Receive emails about pertinent account reports delivered on your schedule!
Image of a laptop with the Merch Database application featured on the screen. Powerful Merch print on demand analytics.

Ready to try the easiest way to keep up with your Merch print on demand account?

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