Dig Deeper into your Merch Account

Powerful Analytical Reports

Dive deep into what is working and what isn’t within your products to help optimize and grow the results in your Merch print on demand account.
Take advantage of powerful analytical reports to help optimize and grow your Merch account today!

What are you using to learn more about your Merch?

Want deep analytical reports? Merch Database offers detailed reporting functionality to provide Merch users with a dynamic look at the progress of their Merch account. Explore, optimize and grow your account with the robust analytics available to Merch Database users.

A Sample of our Analytical Reports

All Products

A simple way to track all your listings with a simple solution for Excel exporting.

Listings Containing Search Word

Explore listings that contain a specified word (in brand, title, bullets, or description)

Listings that do not Contain Keyword

Report identifying listings that do NOT contain a specific keyword.

Days to First Sale

How many days from publishing to first sale for products that have sold in your database.

Products Published Since

Products that have been published since a chosen date. Perfect to find products listed in specific time frames.

30, 60, 90 Days with no Sale

Listings published for “x” number of days. Maybe it’s time to update your keywords!

Sales Statistics with Graphs

Provides breakdowns by shirt type, niche, gender and color with in-depth graphs for easy analysis.

Sales by Niche

Breakdown sales data by niche categorization to look deeper into your unique account data.
Image that show the power of the analytical reporting tools available from the Merch Database toolset.

Account Optimization at your Fingertips

Use our dynamic analytical reports to explore and learn what’s happening in your Merch account in order to expose new trends and opportunities. Then, use our product management tools to tweak and refine your account for optimal performance.

Analytical Report Benefits

Merch Database reports are perfect for the Merch user looking for insights to help optimize and grow a Merch print on demand account. Learn about some of the benefits of our powerful reporting system:

Account Optimization

Our selectable reports breakdown unique sales and product data into easy to understand graphs, including targeted information related to product color, gender and niche, to name a few!

Export to Excel

Want to save and analyze your data in Excel? All of our Merch Database reports are easily exportable to Excel for in-depth analysis.

Email Alerts

With a subscription, users can sign up to have reports emailed on a regular basis, providing the ability to see the growth of an account over time without ever needing to login to your MBA account!

Want Powerful Merch Analytics?

Get started with the reporting power of Merch Database today!

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