The Merch by Amazon
Multi-Uploader Explained

The Multi-Uploader Explained

If you use Merch, you can relate to the headache that comes from recreating your same listing across multiple product types for the same design.

Well, now that’s a thing of the past!

With the new Multiple Products uploader, released on April 10th, Merch users can now post a single design to multiple products available within their individual merch account.

This exciting new feature from the good folks over at Merch by Amazon allows users to be much more efficient when creating multiple products that work for a single design.

The first time that you use the multi-uploader might be a bit confusing, so we’ve put together a quick guide to show you the in’s and out’s of using this great new additional to the Merch library.

Get started with the Multi-Uploader

Open your Merch account and look for the “Create (BETA)” option on your main Merch Navigation bar.

Click on that selection and look for the option “Multiple Products (BETA)” in the dropdown menu.

From there, you will be transported to the new Merch Multi-uploader area to begin designing your multiple product listing.

An image of the Merch by Amazon Multiple Products Uploader Tool

Choose your Marketplaces & Product Types 

The exciting function of the Merch Multi-product uploader is the ability to post your designs with multiple products in all of the available marketplaces in your account.

The Multiple Products Uploader makes this easy by providing users with the ability to simply select the product types and marketplaces for a given design.

To do this, simply look for the “Select Products” button at the top of the Uploader.

An image of the location of the select proudcts button on the merch multiple products uploader.

Once you click the button, a pop-up will populate that has options for each product currently available to you in each marketplace.

Simply select (or deselect) the appropriate boxes to choose the products that you’d like to list with your design.

An Image of the product selection options for marketplaces and product types in the Merch Multiple Products Uploader

Once done, click the continue button.

Choose your Product Options

Next, you’ll have to select the details of each product type you are listing with this design.

You’ll need to do this on a product by product basis by clicking the button titled “Edit Details” under each product type you have chosen to publish.

 An image of the location of the edit details button on the Merch Multiple Products Interface.

Don’t make the same mistake countless other merch users have made and overlook editing your product details only to have one default shirt color and the default price for that item listed within your account.

In this section, you will define all the design and pricing aspects of your listings, including:

Product Colors – The multi-uploader allows you to select up to 10 colors (as opposed to the 5 available in the standard listing module on Merch).

Product Price – Define different prices on a per market basis,

Product Type – Choose from multiple product types for the design in question, including the standard men, women and youth product types.

Within this same section, you will also be able to define art placement on the back of the shirt, instead of the default front positioning.

Once complete with one product type, navigate to the next product details by clicking the “Edit Details” button below the product in question.

Don’t forget to add the appropriately sized art files if you are adding products like pop-sockets or hoodies to your listing submission.

Once you’ve made all of your specific product choices, you’re ready to move forward to creating the content for your unique listing title, bullets and description.

Fill-in your Product Details

The final piece of the puzzle with the new multi-uploader is your standard product details that anyone who has been using Merch should be well-acquainted with at this point.

The product details section contains all of the same Brand, Title, Bullet Points, and Description that are normally filled out in a standard, single product listing.

The coolest part is that in this new section users can define a set of content to publish to the .com and .uk marketplaces, as well as a separate set of content to use to post your listings on the German marketplace.

This makes it easier than ever to get a wide variety of your single designs not just out to be published to multiple products, but also to all of the Amazon marketplaces currently available in your Merch account.

You can also elect to publish your products in two capacities with the Multiple Uploader, with public, searchable product pages or private, non-searchable product links.

Once you’ve completed all of your unique product details, it’s time to go ahead and publish your new listings and create your multiple products with the click of one button.

Finalizing your multiple product listing in the Merch Multi-Uploader

Now that you are ready to publish your multiple product listing, there’s one pro-tip that you’ll want to keep in mind with the new multi-uploader.

Unlike the standard single uploader, the new multi-uploader does not provider users with the option to review the listing details.

Once you press the “Review” button at the bottom of the multi-uploader, the listing will be sent to Amazon for review and publishing of all of the products that you chose, in each applicable marketplace.

Make a note for yourself to take a moment to review your listing content prior to submitting the listings via the review button.

While this will most likely be changed in the future by the Amazon team, as of the publishing of this article, pressing the “Review” button will submit your new listings to all the marketplaces you selected.

Combining Merch Database with the Multi-Uploaded to boost your account optimization

One of the best parts of the multi-uploader is how it integrates with the valuable insights available in your Merch Database account.

A specific example of the power of combining these two great tools involves identifying new products that have sold within your account and using the power of Merch Database to pinpoint other potential product types that you could list in that same design. 

Once you realize that you have a profitable design up in a t-shirt but no listings with that design on tank-tops or longsleeves, you can then use the multiple products uploader to create the listings for the products needed to blanket your niche. 

If you haven’t tried the new multiple product uploader, get in your Merch account and give it a go today!



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