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Sales Snapshots

Quick of sales and royalty data for multiple timeframes, including daily, weekly, monthly and all-time!


Best Sellers

Quickly explore best-selling products and product types


Simple Find & Replace

Need to quickly change any wording within any of your listings? Use our simple find and replace functionality to make changes to your listings in seconds.

Uploaded Product Control

Keep track of products uploaded over time. Perfect for users that work with Virtual Assistants for help in a Merch by Amazon account.


Multiple Listing Editing

Have similar listings that need to be changed? No problem, simply select the listings in question and make your changes directly within Merch by Amazon.


Niche Categorization

Want to organize by niche category? Assign a category to similar listings and keep track of your account organization with a snap.

Detailed Reporting

Enjoy a variety of reports designed to help you better analyze and take action on key insights within your unique Merch data.

Email Report Alerts

Receive emails about pertinent account reports delivered on your schedule!

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