Meet our Report: Days to First Sale

Powerful Analytics & Reporting for your Merch Account

One of the main components of the Merch Database application is our powerful reporting analytics that provide deeper insight into the specific performance of a Merch account.

In this series, we present an introduction to one of our unique reports for our users to take advantage of within the Merch Database application.

Days to 1st Sale

Trying to test your effectiveness in various niches?

With our simple Days to First Sale report, Merch users can get a deeper look at how well individual products within a Merch Catalog are performing with respect to time to sales.

The Days to First Sale report compiles every listing within your Merch account that has sold previously within your catalog.

From there, it breaks down your data in easy to understand metrics that can help to give you better insight into how your account is performing.

This report starts with a bar chart showing the average days to sale on a per product type basis.

This quick visual provides a nice snapshot of the best performing sectors of the account concerning the speed of a sale.

After the visual bar chart, the Days to First Sale report breaks down all listings within your account that have sold with the ability to easily sort and scan listings for deeper insights.

The primary data metrics provided in this report include:

  • ASIN: The unique ASIN number of the Merch listing in question
  • Title: The unique Product Title of your product listing
  • Product: The type of product in the listing in question. This could be one of a number of products available in your Merch account including standard t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, popsockets, etc.
  • Published: The date that the listing in question was first published.
  • Date of First Sale: The date that the listing in question was first sold.
  • Days to First Sale: The number of days that your listing sat on Amazon before being sold for the first time.
  • Sum of Number Sold: The total number of units sold of a specific listing.

Best of all, users can easily sort the results of the Days to First Sale report to explore deeper insights related to how long your listings are taking to move within your Merch.

As an example, sorting your results by the “Days to First Sale” variable could help expose specific niches that perform better with respect to sales horizons.

Or, sort your listings by the “Sum of Number Sold” field to get a better feel how your best (or worst) performing listings rank within the context of the Days to First Sale of products within your catalog.

Combining the results of this search with some of our other reports is another great way to dig deeper. Utilize our “Listings with a Search” word to pinpoint specific results you found in this report for supercharged Merch analytics.

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