Meet our Report: Older than 30 Days – No Sales

Powerful Reporting for your Merch

One of the main components of the Merch Database application is our powerful reporting analytics that provide deeper insight into the specific performance of a Merch account.

In this series, we present an introduction to one of our unique reports for our users to take advantage of within the Merch Database application.

Older than 30 Days – No Sales

Want better insights into what product listings you may need to update?

The older than 30 Days – No Sales report provides a deeper look at a list of your products who haven’t experienced any sales activity in 30 days since it was published.

This report produces all of the product listings that apply to the filter of having no sales action in the most recent 30 day period.

This can be very helpful for adjusting title, bullet or description information within listings that you find need adjustment.

Best of all the 30 days no sales report will breakdown your results by the following variables to help you better understand and analyze your unique data:


  • Product Type
  • Published Date
  • Updated Date
  • Product Title
  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Description

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