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Merch Product Catalog Changes

If you’re a Merch user, you know that the prospect of making considerable changes to your existing product catalog from within the default Merch by Amazon dashboard is daunting, to say the least…

My palms start to sweat when I think about the time spent just finding a listing I was searching for within my Merch account.

It’s one of the primary reasons that we created the Merch Database tool.

We were tired of manually finding and editing an ever-changing product catalog within our Merch account from within that default editor.

So we started to wonder how much easier it might be if you could simply search, find, and edit listings from any marketplace for easy Merch management.

Then we took it one step further and asked what if we could then group listings by niche, or go deeper into the analytics on one product?

Out of this, a group of three Merch users joined together to map out what is now Merch Database.

Now, it’s easier than ever to have complete control over your Merch by Amazon account.

Changes to the Merch Content Policy

On March 29, Amazon made updates to their Merch User’s “Content Policy” for inaccurate product descriptions.

As per their announcement:

We have made updates to our Content Policy for Guideline 3.3, inaccurate product descriptions. The changes include inaccurate or misleading product descriptions, keyword stuffing, and reference to colors, effects, and textures. After this announcement, we will begin reviewing new submissions for this guideline. We want to give you time to update your existing listings for compliance with these updates, so you will have an additional 30 days to review, edit and resubmit your live designs that contain content which may be in violation of the updates to this policy. Designs which have not been updated after 30 days are subject to removal.

For any Merch user who has been keyword stuffing listings and talking about the shirt quality in descriptions, this announcement has major implications with respect to keeping an account in good standing.

Following this announcement, it was clear that this latest update was a perfect opportunity to put the power of the Merch Database app to the test in order to find listings that might apply to this announcement and make the appropriate changes within our accounts.

Isolating the Critical Keywords in Individual Listings

After some consideration, and because jeopardizing a Merch account just isn’t in my Merch playbook, I decided it was a good idea to remove any references to terms that were completely unrelated to my merch designs.

I started with a term that many Merch users include in individual listings that in most cases is completely irrelevant to the content of a Merch design.

Many designs I listed included wording that reads “This would make a great Christmas or Birthday Gift”.

For my first find and replace test, I wanted to scan the listings in my account that included Holiday terms when a design was in no way holiday related.

After discovering that a number of listings in my Merch Catalog included the term “Christmas” when the design had nothing to do with the Christmas holiday, I began my journey to find and remove any instance of the word Christmas, where applicable, from my Merch catalog.

Finding and Replacing a specific keyword using the Merch Database Chrome Extension

With Merch Database, performing a find and replace / remove mission is simple, quick and effective.

There are two distinct ways that you can use the tool to edit your listings.

First step is to open your copy of the Merch Database tool in a Chrome Browser.

Next, simply navigate to the “Manage Products” tab on the main navigation tab of Merch Database and scroll to the bottom of the page to interact with the entire product catalog within a Merch account.

On the right side of the Browser window users will find a search functionality box that can be used to isolate listings by keyword.

Next, I simply input the word “Christmas” into the search field, and Merch Database outputs a total of 9 listings within my unique account that contained the keyword “Christmas”.

As I scrolled through results, I realized that some of the product listings had nothing at all to do with the Christmas holiday, so I got to work removing and replacing that content from within my listings.

Editing a single Merch product listing

The first way you can edit your listings is to then go through each result that is displayed as matching your criteria and click the purple “edit” button from within the right side of the listing information section.

This will take you to the main Amazon edit listing page for the listing in question, where you can edit your product and resubmit the changes to Merch.

Editing multiple listings with the same keyword

The second way in which to edit your listings using Merch Database revolves around the ability to open and manage multiple listings at the same time.

This is particularly valuable when you want to make changes to a larger number of listings with a similar term.

To do this, once you have narrowed your search results using the search feature and other Merch Database filtering tools, simply selected the listings that you want to edit with the easy checkbox to the left of each listings’ details.

Once a reasonable number of listings is selected, I chose to edit each listing in a new browser tab which transported me to the appropriate Merch editing page for the multiple listings I had selected.

On the default Amazon editing page, I was able to make the appropriate changes to my listing and then move onto the next listing in the next tab.

Simple, easy and all built within the terms of the Merch program.

One note is that when making changes, keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for listings to complete the editing process and as such, you may see a lot of “Pending” listings in your account, especially as you edits larger number of listings.

Using the Chrome “Find” Function to Isolate your Keyword

Another great tip for anyone making changes to specific keywords in listings is to use Chrome’s find function within your Amazon product editing pages.

Once you’ve isolated the listings you want to change from within Merch Database, the easiest way to isolate the keyword in question on each new product editing tab is quick and easy.

First, go to your Chrome settings in the upper-right hand corner of your Chrome Browser.

Next, look within your setting dropdown for the function “Find”.

Input your Keyword into the find field that appears and each instance of the word, or words, you input will be highlighted within your Chrome browser.

You can also use the next and last arrows within the find field to have Chrome show you each successive instance of the keyword that you are looking for within your product listing.

This makes it quick to change out a specific terms in listings, as you use the power of your browser to isolate key terms for quick and easy editing from with the Merch system.

Keeping your Account in Good Standing with Ease

With the default Merch editor, this process would take hours just to find the listings that feature the keywords in question within your listings.

With Merch Database, the power to explore, change and optimize your product catalog is endless.

Now you’ve isolated your listings, made your edits and resubmit your listings to Merch, all within the time that it would take you to simply find a handful of listings that apply to your criteria within the default Merch editor.

Once you’ve gone through this process you can rest easily knowing that your account is compliant with the Merch Terms of Service.

We hope that this article helps to illustrate the power of the Merch Database tool and how you can better manage, optimize and grow your merch account with the power of the Merch Database Chrome Extension.

Have questions? Drop them in the comments below or contact us for more information!

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