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Do you work with a team or with Virtual Assistants? Keep up with your overall account progress with our recent products uploaded section!

Step 1: Navigate to the “Products Uploaded” section on our primary dashboard

Open your Google Chrome Browser (Get it here) & Navigate to the Merch Database extension in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome Browser.

Once the Merch Database extension has loaded, simply navigate to the primary dashboard.

Once there, scroll down the page to find the products uploaded section titled “Products Uploaded Last 7 Days”.

Step 2: Analyze the products that have been uploaded by type.

Explore your uploaded product data with our same dynamic charting to uncover how many of each type of product was uploaded to your account in the defaulted view of the last 7 days.

Use this information to stay on top of the progress of your team or virtual assistants with respect to what’s being listed in your account on a day to day basis.

Step 3: Toggle Timeframes to view more Progress

Explore a deeper look into your uploaded products with the ability to toggle to a 30-day view of your uploaded product data.

That’s it! You’re now ready to start analyzing your Merch account data and optimizing your account with our powerful analytics.

Questions? No problem. Submit a support ticket or contact us for more information.

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