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Sync Sales & Product Data

Your sales and product data may change in your Merch account while you’re working in Merch Database. We’ve made it simple to refresh your data for up-to-date analytics.

Refreshing the Sales & Product Info within Merch Database

Let’s say that you’ve been working in the Merch Database application and you want to check on your real-time sales or product information. No problem! Simply navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the Merch Database application in your Google Chrome browser and look for the two grey buttons labeled “Sync Sales” & “Sync Products”

Clicking the “Sync Products” button will retrieve the latest data about your unique products and will also update all your analytical reports with the latest product data.

Clicking the “Sync Sales” button will retrieve the latest sales data in your account, updating the daily sales total and information associated with your sales progress throughout your Merch account.

That’s it!

Now you can get back to analyzing, organizing and optimizing your Merch account!

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