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Sort Listings with Ease

Sort your searched or filtered listings in ascending or descending order for easy analysis, organization, and optimization of your merch product catalog.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Product Management” section at the bottom of the Manage Products tab

Open your Google Chrome Browser (Get it here) & Navigate to the Merch Database extension in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome Browser.

Once the Merch Database extension has loaded, simply navigate to the second selection in the application navigation titled “Manage Products”.

Once there, scroll down the page to find the product management sections that start with the selectable menus and database search functionality.

Screenshot of the location of the product management interface within the Merch Database toolset.

Step 2: Navigate your mouse over each bold column header

Use your mouse to scroll over each “bold” product analysis column headers.

Notice that each header is selectable, providing the option to sort your listings via any of the categorizations currently available in our database analysis.

Screenshot of the ability to sort your product listings by header organization type within the Merch Database application.
Each column offers the ability to sort ascending or descending listings based on each header type.

For a deeper understanding, sorting by the following values will:

  • Niche – sort listings by niche sorting through niches alphabetically
  • Title – sort listing by product title alphabetically
  • Published – sort listings by the date that they were listed chronologically either newest or oldest ranked
  • Updated – sort listings by the last date the listing was updated
  • Days Left – sort listings ascending or descending based on how many days are left before shirt is pulled for no sales
  • Price – sort listings by the price of the item
  • Last Sold – sort listings by the data that the item was last sold, newest or oldest ranked
  • Sold – sort listings by how many of each item have been sold from least sold to most sold products ranked respectively

Step 3: Search and Filter results then sort to get a deeper understanding of your catalog

Take the sorting of your items to the next level by first searching or filtering your product catalog and then sort your listings to get a better analysis of what’s happening within your account.

That’s it! You’re now ready to start analyzing your Merch account data and optimizing your account with our powerful analytics.

Questions? No problem. Submit a support ticket or contact us for more information.

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