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Inventory Reports Overview

Dive into deeper insights related to the inventory within your account with our analytical reports.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Reports” page within Merch Database

Open your Google Chrome Browser (Get it here) & access the Merch Database extension in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome Browser.

Once the Merch Database extension has loaded, simply navigate to the third selection in the application navigation titled “Reports”.

Once there, you’ll find a variety of “report cards” that link to different reports broken into two categories: inventory reports and sales reports.

Screenshot of the location of the analytical reporting section of the Merch Database application.

Step 2: Explore our inventory reports to dive into deeper analytics for your Merch account

Our reports are powerful analytics based on different topics critical to your account health and progress.

Our inventory reports provide deeper insights into your unique product catalog.

Currently, our reports for inventory analysis include:


  • 30 Days No Sales
  • 60 Days No Sales
  • 90 Days No Sales
  • 120 Days No Sales
  • All Shirts
  • Listings Containing Search Word
  • Listings Without Search Word
  • Products Published Since
  • Products That Have Been Removed
  • Shirts With a Color
  • Shirts Without a Color
  • Stale Shirts

Step 3: Choose the report you’d like to explore and dive deeper!

Once you have found the report you want to explore deeper, simply click on the title of the report to be transported to the analytics for that specific report on your Merch product catalog.

It’s important to note that our reports are an evolving tool at Merch Database.

As we hear feedback from our subscribers, and discover new analytics for use in our own accounts, we will be adding to our reporting functionality.

Got an idea for a report that would add value to our user’s analytical pursuits?

Contact Us with your idea today!

We will be creating more in-depth documentation on our reporting capabilities. This section only serves as an overview.

Dive into our application and test our current reports for yourself to see how they can best benefit the growth and optimization of your Merch account.

Questions? No problem. Submit a support ticket or contact us for more information.

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