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Edit Similar or Grouped Listings

Select and edit multiple listings via keyword, filter, niche and much more. Open multiple product editing tabs with a click. Make changes to your product catalog simply and easily.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Product Management” section at the bottom of the Manage Products tab

Open your Google Chrome Browser (Get it here) & Navigate to the Merch Database extension in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome Browser.

Once the Merch Database extension has loaded, simply navigate to the second selection in the application navigation titled “Manage Products”.

Once there, scroll down the page to find the product management sections that start with the selectable menus and database search functionality.

Screenshot of the manage products section of the Merch Database application.

Step 2: Isolate the similar listings that you would like to edit by keyword, type, marketplace, status, or price

On the right-hand side of the product management section, locate the search field.

Use the search field to isolate any and all product listings available within your database by keyword.

Optionally, use the filter dropdown menus to segment and display the similar listings that you are looking for within your product catalog.

Screenshot of the search functionality within the Merch Database product management application.

Step 3: Scroll through your results and select all the listings that apply to your search.

Once you have used the search function to narrow down the listings you would like to edit, simply scroll through the results that are populated in the product management section.

As you find the similar listings that you’re searching for, simply navigate your mouse to the left of the product management section and click the “checkbox” for each listing you would like to edit.

Leave each of the selected listing active by ensuring that a checkmark appears next to each listing that you want to edit.

Screenshot of the ability to select and de-select listings for management within the Merch Database application.

Step 4: Manage your Products in New Chrome Tabs

With the listings, you would like to edit selected as described above, navigate to the top of the manage products section of Merch Database and use the dropdown titled “Action on selected items” to select the “Manage Products in New Tabs” option.

Once you click that selection, the listings that you selected will all be opened in new tabs directly within the official Merch edit product page for each respective listing that you selected.

Screenshot of the ability to open editing of new listings in new tabs on Chrome within the Merch Database application.

The process described above is extremely helpful for merch users who are looking for a solution for many common merch management issues, including:

  • Searching the entirety of a listing for a particular keyword. Including searching the Brand, Title, Description, and Bullet Points of your unique product listings.
  • Staying on top of trademarked phrases to easily edit listings containing specific keywords
  • Edit multiple listings of a similar type, niche, brand, status, price, keyword and much more

Best of all, Merch Database does all this within Merch’s terms of service, without any bulk editing or automated uploads.

That’s it! You’re now ready to start analyzing your Merch account data and optimizing your account with our powerful analytics.

Questions? No problem. Submit a support ticket or contact us for more information.

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