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Delete your Saved Account Data

Our manual delete function provides an extra layer of protection for your unique Merch data, giving you and your team the option to manually purge all of your cached data on a session by session basis. Doing so is as simple as one-click.

Purge all of your data simply and easily!

Within the Merch Database application, navigate your mouse to the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome Browser and look for the button titled “Delete Data“.

Purge your account data by simply clicking that button.

From here, you can simply close your web browser with confidence that your unique database has been purged.


Once the button is clicked, if you decide to continue working within Merch Database, we recommend that you simply close the Chrome window that contains Merch Database and re-open the application in a new Chrome tab before you continue on your journey within the Merch Database Application.

Don’t forget that this is only a secondary form of protection for our users. Any sensitive account data is protected at all times by our powerful 256-bit encryption for users of all tier levels.

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