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Add Merch Database to your Google Chrome Browser

Merch Database is a powerful extension exclusively for the Google Chrome Web Browser. Learn how to easily add Merch Database to Chrome so you can get started on your merch adventure today!

Step 1: Download and Activate the Merch Database Chrome Extension within your Chrome Browser

Open your Google Chrome Browser (Get it here if you don’t have Chrome) & Navigate to the Merch Database Chrome Extension on the Google Chrome Store.

Once there, look for the “Add to Chrome” button to add the Merch Database extension to your browser.

Step 2: Confirm Installation with on Google’s Notification

Approve the final installation verification from Google’s pop-up notification and the Merch Database extension will be active within your Chrome Browser.

Step 3: Open Merch Database!

To open the Merch Database extension, simply click on the Merch Database logo in the upper right-hand top toolbar of your Chrome Browser.

If you do not already have a license key, you will need to purchase a subscription on our Gumroad Subscription Page before you can access Merch Database and get started with your merch management.

Have further questions? Submit a support ticket or browse our videos and FAQs for more help immediately. 

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